How to use a trading strategy with a duration of 1 hour on the 2022 platform

 Before we discuss how to use a trading strategy with a long duration, namely using a 1-hour trading time duration on the platform or binary options trading strategy. It would be even better if you understand what the platform is, and what are we worth trading there? You can see the answer (REVIEW BINARY.COM/DERIV 2022).
deriv trading strategy or binary options is one type of strategy that is in great demand by traders today. Because This type of strategy only takes advantage of rising or falling times within a certain period. But not a few, merchants tend to use shorter timeframes, especially at but to get an effective identification, try using trading strategy or binary options with 1 Hour trading duration.

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The trading strategy using a 1-hour trading duration is a strategy with a 1-hour expiry time. Although the duration is quite long, the expiry time range from 5 minutes – 1 hour is still a medium term. With that time, we have enough time to analyze the market so that you can determine the next steps. In addition, strategies with long-term duration It is very suitable and recommended for novice traders.

All traders want to get maximum trading results when implementing the strategy they use maximum results, then of course we must know the right way to carry out the strategy. In this case, let's consider the method that we will share with you. Here are a few ways to execute a trading strategy, or 1-hour binary options:

1. Trading Channel

The channel trading strategy is one of the simple methods that we can use when we trade. In this method, We can use the 5-minute time interval as long as the 60-minute expiry time. The rule we have to use in this method is to make a purchase "HIGHER" when the price has touched the lowest price. And MAKE A "LOWER" PURCHASE when the price hits the highest price. So, During these 60 minutes, there should be 12 trend candles on the chart.

2. Combination of RSI, Stochastic, and EMAs Indicators

For this second trading strategy, using a combination of 3 indicators, namely the RSI, Stochastic, and EMAs indicators. With this strategy, we can use two kinds of techniques, namely short-term and long-term. Before executing this strategy, be sure to also do proper and correct settings for each of these methods.

3. Stochastic Oscillator

This trading strategy takes advantage of extreme price conditions by selling maximum and buying maximum too. If anyone likes to risk high yields with high yields, you can use the stochastic oscillator method. If you want to make a "HIGHER" purchase, pay attention The stochastic indicator signals that it will cross the 20th level. As for buying "LOWER" usually, the signal will point to the 70th level. So,
make sure to look at both signals before we make a decision.

5. Engulfing Pattern

Unlike the strategy above, the Engulfing Pattern strategy will take advantage of pure price techniques. Pattern from Engulfing can indicate when the market has reached its high and when it's low. So that we can determine when to do "HIGHER" and "LOWER" purchases.

So, several methods can be used in the trading strategy with a trading duration of 1 Hour. all kinds of methods have different ways and have different benefits and risks. To determine the type of method you want, make sure to analyze market conditions first.

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