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Exact Quotex Trading Strategy - Twin Startegy || For Begginers

 Hello traders! in this article We will again share the binary options trading strategy in the Quotex investment platform. This method We think this is the proper trading method for beginners. However, you need to know that in technical analysis, there are rules that you need to know.

The larger the timeframe, the more reliable the binary options trading signals will be. But you can successfully trade fundamental indicators and short-term options, just like this strategy that we are going to share is the "Twins" strategy.

Characteristics of the Twin Strategy

Quotex Platform

  • Type: Inclination.
  • Timeframe: In the range M1-M5.
  • Trading assets: Any currency pair. The main requirement is a fixed spread (2-3 points) and no hidden fees.
  • Trading time: All Forex trading sessions.
  • Premium percentage option: Not less than 80%

Indicators Used

The strategy uses two technical indicators, including the following:
  1. Alligator indicator: This indicator determines the current trend or its absence.
  2. RSI indicator: This indicator we use period 14. Trend indicators should be confirmed by at least one oscillator indicating an overbought condition when buyers can no longer raise the price or oversold, where there is almost no one in the market to sell at a cheaper price.

UP/DOWN Signal

UP signal: Alligator lines are directed upwards, the RSI center of stroke should be from bottom to top. To better understand it see the image below.
Up signal
UP Signal

DOWN signal: Alligator lines are directed downwards, the RSI center of stroke should be from top to bottom. To better understand it see the image below.
Down signal
Down signal

Recommendations for use:
  • Powerful binary options trading signals from vfxAlert, To download them CLICK HERE
  • If Alligator and RSI start moving in one direction - you can open an option.
  • Monitor the binary trading platform to release important fundamental news and statistics. 
  • The expiration time can be increased up to 5-7 minutes if a stable trend is observed.
Binary options signals
Conclusion: The intraday strategy "Twins" represents a fairly reliable system of conservative scalping for trading in a stable market. we remind you that the most profitable binary options signals will be only in the trend area. Youthfulness during the flat period you have to get out of the market.

DISCLAIMER: Neither the methods nor signals available in this article are for informational purposes only and are in no way an action guide. The owners of the site and the program do not accept any responsibility for the use of the information provided on the website and in the program that was created, for any errors. The information on this site does not constitute a public offering.

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