Trading Strategy "Quotex" Using Bollinger Bands Indicator & RSI

For those of you who are still studying and looking for ways to find out the state of the overbought or oversold condition of a market, the right choice is because of visiting this site, this time I will re-share the trading method. We will share this strategy to trade using Bollinger bands & RSI indicators.

A huge number of binary options indicators and signals are prevalent among novice traders due to their simplicity. Includes indicators available inside the platform investment binary option "QUOTEX". Some traders are thinking that they do not need to study the market and theory. They only open a position when they see the signal up or down and think that's all they need.

In most cases, it can actually only lead to a quick loss of deposit and all beginners should understand that they cannot trade without thinking, analyzing the market, and understanding what the forex market is. I think only traders who have a trading strategy will earn profits in the binary options market including on the "QUOTEX" platform.

Trading Platform

Quotex Platform
Trading Digital Options
In this trading method, we put it in the binary options investment trading platform "Quotex". We recommend learning this trading strategy in a demo account first. Log in to the Quotex demo account and start learning and understanding this method that we are going to share.

Characteristics of the strategy

The following are 4 characteristics of the strategies we use in the platform trading "Quotex".
  1. Type: scalping.
  2. Chart period: 30 seconds - 60 seconds, (60 seconds recommendation).
  3. Currency pairs: any with high intraday volatility.
  4. Trading period: throughout the Forex trading day.
Adjust the indicators in your "Quotex" trading system:

Indicator Bolinger Bands (BB)

  • Period: 6
  • Standard deviation: 2

Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator

  • Period: 6
  • Overbought: 80
  • Oversold: 20

UP/DOWN Signal Condition

UP signal: when you see the price rise from the line of the more BB indicator low and the RSI also rises from level 20, you can make a purchase of "UP".
Up signal
Up signal
DOWN signal: when you see the price falling from the higher BB line and the RSI also falling from level 80, you can make a "DOWN" purchase.
Down signal
Down signal
Recommendations for use: Use the expiration time of the purchase as 2-3 minutes. The strategy would be better if it used confirmation from Vfxalert signals. To download Vfxalert trading signals please kilk HERE.

DISCLAIMER: Methods or signals are available only for informational purposes and not as an action guide. The owners of the site and the program do not accept any responsibility for the use of the information provided on the website and in the program that was created, for any errors. The information on this site does not constitute a public offering.

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