Trading Strategy Using AROON Indicator – Profit On 1 Minute Timeframe

 Hello traders! In this article, We will discuss and share information about trading strategies. The method that we will share is to use a forex scalping strategy to make a profit quickly. To do this, we use the AROON indicator, which determines reasonably the moment of a trend reversal in combination with moving averages and binary options trading signals ( VFXALERT ).

Trading Platforms

The current trading platform we have chosen is the "QUOTEX" platform. First please select a demo account to test the strategy. Those who do not have an account can register via E-mail/password. Because of each trading method we share here, we recommend trying it on a demo account.

Trading Strategies

Actually, forex and crypto scalping trading strategies are fairly simple, because they are accessible to novice traders. In addition to basic knowledge of moving averages and trend dynamics, operation of overbought/oversold oscillators We think it is enough. The following are the types of characteristics of the strategy that We will share:

Chart type: Candle
Candle Timeframe: 1M-5M. In this article We used 1M. but with an increase in the analysis period, the accuracy of the signal increases.
Trading assets: All Forex currency pairs. The main requirement is a fixed spread (2-3 points) and no hidden fees.
Trading time: All trading sessions.
Recommended trade time expiration: 10 - 15 minutes.

Scalping forex strategy using Aroon indicator, Moving Average & Vfxalert PRO signals:

Vfxalert signals. To quickly determine the current market situation, we use a "thermal" scale. The more "warm" the price is in the Buy and Sell zones, the stronger the UP or DOWN option signal. We use the vfxAlert signal service tool that conveniently displays information on trend dynamics indicators, overbought and oversold, and Pivot price levels.

Moving Average (EMA) 25. Indicator of this trend We use to determine the opening point of currency scalping. This strategy is not intended for trading during flat periods. Because here We trade only if the range is between at least 15-25 points only.

Aroon indicator. An oscillator with a reversal line when a new price high or low appears. The crossing point will mean a temporary equilibrium in the market after the trend tends to reverse. For the settings, nothing has been changed. But, you need to know that indicators are not all on all platforms.

After everything is displayed, then it will look like this. For the color of the indicator, you can adjust it for convenience when trading.
Quotex Platform

This combination of indicators and the Vfxalert PRO signal service can also be used as a scalping cryptocurrency strategy on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin. On Crypto AltCoin scalping, we recommend using a trading timeframe of 5 minutes or more. Because the liquidity of the market is lower, which means more speculative movements. Please test it on a demo account first.

Trading signals:

Up. The price should move above the Moving Average or break it from the bottom up. Youthfulness At the intersection of the AROON indicator: the line should RISE above the Lower line. Dashboard or Vfxalert signals pointing to the BUY zone this signal is an important confirmation of what information the two indicators get.

DOWN. Opposite conditions: The price should be below the Moving Average or break down. The underscore on the AROON is above the UP line. The Vfxalert signal indicates it should be in the SELL zone.

Signal example
The price consolidates below the initiator line of the EMA. The AROON indicator for "EUR/GBP" indicates the possible beginning of a downtrend. vfxAlert should also confirm the signal to the legitimacy. To better understand it, please see the image below.

The Aroon indicator has a delay, like all other technical indicators. However, this indicator is less than the Moving Averages. It works at the highest and lowest prices of the past, which means it reacts less to the "noise" of the market. In these cases, it is recommended to leave the base for 25 periods.

Imperception. The main thing in using this method is to take only the first or second signal after crossing the AROON line and wait for confirmation of the breakout or price rebound from the EMA and confirmation of the Vfxalert signal.

Disclaimer: Strategies and signals are available only for informational purposes and are by no means an action guide. The owners of the site and the program do not accept any responsibility for the use of the information provided on the website and in the programs that have been created, for any errors. The information on this site does not constitute an offer

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