New Strategies For Quotex Binary Options Trading - Trinity Strategy

 Not a few binary traders, especially novice traders who are just starting to trade on the Quotex binary options platform, and so on. They will constantly look for the latest techniques that are easy to understand so that they can come up with their best method of analyzing the market. But you need to know that search results in a large set of strategies will not always be profitable, especially if scalping is assumed on the M1-M5 timeframes.

In this discussion, We will share methods that are often used by professional traders, and binary options trading signal services, such as Vfxalert, and so on. Using a simple and time-tested combination of standard tools, as in the "Trinity" strategy we will share this with all of you who have read this article.

The "Trinity" strategy has a tendency type. In using this method you can use timeframes in the range M1-D1. Then for the trading asset, you can choose any currency pair. But the primary condition that you should know is a fixed spread (2-3 points) and no hidden fees. For its trading time, all Forex trading sessions. For binary options trading specifically the Quotex platform, you choose a premium percentage option of not less than 80%.

Indicators used in the "Trinity" strategy

The following are the preferred indicators used in using the Trinity strategy:
  1. Simple moving average (SMA) indicator with a period of 10.
  2. RSI indicator with a period of 14 and an additional level of 50.
  3. Standard MACD indicator (12,26,9).

Punctures from the Movement average, RSI, and MACD indicators in the strategy "Trinity"

1. Moving Average indicator
In the "Trinity" strategy, the Moving average (SMA) indicator with a period of 10 is a classic trend indicator that is very popular among binary options and forex traders. In the strategy "Trinity" this indicator is floated to determine the general direction of the scalping trend. But you need to know that this strategy is not intended for trading during flat periods. Usually, We trade only if the range is between 15-25 points.

2. RSI indicator
This trend indicator indicates an overbought condition when buyers can no longer raise the price or oversold, where almost no one in the market sells at a lower price. But it must be confirmed by at least one additional oscillator.

3. MACD indicator
The puncture of the MACD indicator in the "Trinity" strategy is the last signal to open an option. Because the MACD indicator works both as a trend and as an oscillator instrument. 

After installing the three indicator tools, then the terminal's working window looks like this:


Trade signals to make UP/DWON purchases

Let's start with the UP option for the expected growth of the currency pair. To open such a transaction, the following conditions are required:
  • The RSI line 14 should cross level 50 and above.
  • The MACD indicator should also cross the zero line from above or its histogram appears after the new local minimum.
  • The price should move above the moving average indicator.

Opposite conditions are needed for DOWN options: the price should move below the SMA, the RSI indicator should be from 70 down, and the MACD should also move down. 

The option opens on the second candle above SMA (10) with an expiration time of 5-7 minutes. The signal strength increases if the breakout candle (or most) is above the Moving Average.

As you can see, the methods are all quite simple, and you can quickly start trading Quotex binary options, but you should consider several factors affecting the final result:

  • We exclude periods of strong fundamental news releases when technical indicators give only false signals. Binary options are in no way meant for news trading because it is impossible to open pending orders, and it is very difficult to predict where (and most importantly, when!) Will follow the first impulse of the market.
  • As can be seen from the chart, the signals from the RSI and MACD are late to each other, but there is nothing unusual in this.
  • Expiration period. Pay attention to directing the middle ground: the life of the choice is too short (1-2 minutes) and too long (10-15 minutes) is considered dangerous.
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DISCLAIMER: Both the methods and signals available in this article are informational only and are in no way an action guide. The owners of the sites and programs do not accept any responsibility for the use of the information provided on the website and in the programs that have been created, for any errors. The information on this site does not constitute a public offering. REMEMBER!!! TRADING IS FRAUGHT WITH RISKS.

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