How to Set the Best Time When Trading CRYPTO


How to Set the Best Time When Trading CRYPTO
Along with the need for investors for a type of asset that is purely driven by market forces without the intervention of certain parties the popularity of crypto has until now been increasing. There are several ways to profit with crypto assets, just like any other asset in Forex trading. We can make purchases of several types of coins with good fundamentals and ever-increasing historical trends, and then keep them for several years until their value gets higher and higher.

But you need to know, that the trend of a crypto coin is not always guaranteed to continue to increase, just like a stock asset. Although you can keep the coin as an asset until the price returns normally. There are times when the value of the coin drops, this depends on the market situation that occurs. 

To profit little by little from such price movements, you can sell or buy crypto assets within a concise period, by taking advantage of the high volatility of the crypto market. Maybe at this point, usually not a few traders ask "Then, when should I trade? I don't have a full 24 hours to see the market situation and price movements." Here are the best times to trade CRYPTO.

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Best Time To Trade Crypto

You need to make effective use of your trading time, because when you make frequent transactions, the higher the risk. Indeed, we can make transactions 24 hours a day, because, in the crypto market, there is no specific trading time.

The potential for success in trading crypto will be greater if you sell when global market activity is high. The reason is that outside of these global market hours, trading volumes are usually lighter, potentially resulting in weaker exchange rates and difficulty in finding the right price for your transaction. 

to determine the adequate trading time to follow the trading sessions of financial centers such as New York, Tokyo, Europe (London), and Australia (Sydney). In other words, follow the trading sessions of the forex market. One way, especially for day traders.

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