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Strategies And How To Arrange Swing Trading For Options And Forex Trading

 In trading options or forex, various types of Moving Average indicators can help us in conducting market analysis. In addition, there are also various types of trading strategies that we can use to gain profits in trading.

The types of trading strategies that can be used are scalping trading strategies, day trading, and swing trading strategies ranging from daily to weekly, the swing trading strategy in trading is more profitable compared to other trading strategies.

What is a swing trading strategy?

A swing trading strategy is a type of trading that uses the basic concept of "buy when it swings low, and sell when it swings low, this method is called swing trading."
swing trading terms.

Is swing trading still profitable?

As long as we still understand and know the right time to use the wing trading strategy, of course, swing trading is still profitable for those of us who do trade.

Is swing trading Easy?

To carry out a swing trading strategy, we can use several indicators and tools that can help in analyzing the market and making decisions.
Recommended indicators that we can use in using a swing trading strategy are moving average indicators on daily or weekly candle charts, momentum indicators, price range tools, and market sentiment measures. So we can conclude that the swing trading strategy is easy if we understand it.

How to Develop an Effective Swing Trading Strategy

  • Support and Resistance
  • Avoid Averaging Position
  • Stop Loss

Swing Trading Strategy Using Moving Average Indicator

-When we will use this Swing Trading strategy, we must use 2 Moving Averages:
  1.  Exponential Moving Average = 20
  2.  Exponential Moving Average = 10
-Use H4 and D1 time frames

After we install these two MA indicators, the chart will look like this:
Exponential Moving Average
 Exponential Moving Average 10 & 20

When an MA cross occurs and the MA line slopes more than 45 degrees, it means we can enter a position. As in the example image below, there is an MA cross. The first MA cross occurs we can do SELL, and the second MA cross occurs you can do BUY.

Exponential Moving Average

Each trading strategy that we use has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no perfect strategy that works for us in all circumstances. And remember trading binary options or forex trading has a very high risk, To achieve success, it is recommended to keep learning and don't give up.

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