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Best Crypto Trading Strategy To Earn Daily Profit

 By the goals and targets of each trader, this Crypto Trading strategy is known to be very diverse that you can apply. In this article, I will share the best crypto trading strategies that you can possibly learn. 

3 Best Crypto Trading Strategy Options

1. Day Trading

The day trading strategy is one of the best trading strategies used by many traders. Trading strategy
This cryptocurrency is perfect for a day trader who wants to take advantage of short-term opportunities to be able to make profits from relatively small price movements.

Usually day traders will make many trades in a day and will close all these offers before the market closes.
The benefits of this day trading strategy include increased leverage, high potential returns, and reduced risk from moving the market suddenly outside of trading hours.

How to determine the position in day trading

There are several patterns that we need to pay attention to in determining the momentum to take a position in day trading, so traders will usually take advantage of these three things:

  • Candlestick Pattern
  • Technical Analysis
  • Volume
If you follow these three steps, you will likely be able to determine later whether the Doji will produce a significant turnaround and can take positions if market conditions are favorable.

2. Swing Trading Strategy

What is meant by a swing trading strategy is a trading strategy that will focus on taking profits in long-term price trends shorter and cutting losses faster. The advantage that we will get from using this strategy may be smaller, but these activities carried out consistently over time they can add up to an excellent annual return on trading.

Swing Trading Using Support and Resistance Lines

  • Identify the timeframe on the market.
  • Waiting for the price to break through the support below the level.
  • If the market price breaks at the support, then we will wait for the next strong price request (with a close above the support).
  • If there is a strong price, then it is recommended to open a position on the next candle.
  • Set your stop loss 1 ATR below the low candle and take profit before the Resistance.

Advantages of Swing Trading Strategy

The advantage of a swing trading strategy is that it maximizes short-term potential by capturing most of the market swings. We can also rely exclusively on technical analysis, and wait for the trading process.

Disadvantages of Swing Trading Strategy

Swing traders often lose long-term trends in favor of short-term market moves, and market reversals that occur spontaneously can suddenly cause big losses.

3. Trading Strategy Using Scalping Techniques

This strategy is often referred to as micro trading. In addition, this trading will implement a strategy by taking a little movement a price that is easier to catch is better than waiting for a big opportunity. However, usually, this strategy is not recommended for beginners and is more often used by traders with expert skills in market conditions and prices.

3 Examples of Scalping Strategies

1. Scalp Trading using Stochastic and Bollinger Bands indicators
Enter the market only when the stochastic can produce an appropriate overbought or oversold signal which is confirmed by the Bollinger bands.

2. Scalping at Support and Resistance Points
In a scalping strategy at support and resistance points, we really need two items, namely low volatility and a trading timeframe.

3. Passive Trading
Passive trading is a trader who will follow a buy and hold strategy by buying tradable assets such as crypto assets with the aim of holding back long-term investments.

Those are the 3 choices of the best crypto trading strategies that might help you make a profit every day if you study them. But you need to know that almost all types of investments have risks including trading activities. Especially if the bitcoin market and crypto assets tend to be more volatile which requires you to be more alert in making decisions. Use a trading strategy that is in accordance with
your capacities and goals.


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