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EVEN/ODD Trading Strategy 1 tick duration -

Hello, friends, welcome back to our website, a website that discusses everything binary and forex trading. Here you can get trading strategies, signals pro-trade, and others related to trade. But according to the title in this article, I will discuss and provide a trading strategy at,
maybe for those of you who don't have a account you can register first.

What is

Binary, com/Deriv is a trusted platform that has been around for a long time, here you can trade on volatility index or forex. In addition, you can trade with a very short duration, starting with 1 tick, 2 tick, 3 tick, and so on.....

Now I think you know what binary, com/Deriv is, and I hope you've joined or sign up in advance to start the strategy I will give you. If you already registered, please log in to your account first. If you have logged into your account it will look like the image below. trading strategy

In the next step, please choose synthetic indices trading with the EVEN/ODD digit trading type, then you choose volatility 100 indexes, for more details please see the picture below.

even/odd trading strategy

As I said above, on the binary, com/Deriv platform we can trade with a very short duration of one tick, for that we change the duration of the trade us into 1 tick. If everything has been done, the next step is to analyze. 

How to analyze to make an EVEN/ODD Purchase?

For how to analyze it, it's quite simple, we only focus on the numbers that come out on the graph
small that is located on the top, like the picture below.
Pay attention to the numbers that come out on the small graph, the numbers that we calculate or analyze
is the last number. If an odd number comes out at least 5 times in a row then there we make even purchases, and if an even number comes out at least 5 times automatically sequentially then we make odd purchases.

So what if there is a loss?
In the world of trading, there must be such a thing as profit or loss, for that we must manage our finances. Because no trading strategy will 100% guarantee a profit every time you make a transaction.
Because if you use In this strategy there is a loss, do a maximum of 3-4 times, if the compensation is as much as 4 times keep losing, there and on the same day you have to stop trading and continue come back next session or tomorrow.....

I think this strategy is very simple to use, especially for traders beginners. The most important thing is that we have to concentrate and be able to maintain our available finances in our account.
Use this strategy wisely and don't look for a strategy that will guarantee you continue to profit 100% every time you make a transaction. Hopefully, this strategy can be understood by all of you, good luck trying it, good luck, and don't forget to follow us and share this article if you find it useful.....

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