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Learn Intraday Forex Trading For Beginners "GUARANTEED CONSISTENT PROFIT EVERY DAY" do it this way !!!

 Before we learn intraday forex trading, maybe for those of you who are beginners it would be better to know first what is forex trading, is and how can we guarantee consistent profits every day. Of course, we will get this when we do the way I will discuss this.

forex trading

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is an activity of buying and selling currencies that are usually done online.

What is the Purpose of Forex Trading?

The purpose of forex trading as an investment is to seek profit from the difference in sales figures.

Is Forex Trading Risky?

Of course, forex trading has the highest risk. This high risk occurs because there is a leverage system in its activities.

What is Leverage in Forex Trading?

Leverage is a system that allows us to make large amounts of forex trading transactions even though we have small capital.

Maybe now you know a little bit about what forex trading is and the purpose of forex trading. What we have to do to achieve profit consistently every day is "Learn to trade Forex Intraday" this method may be very suitable for beginners, by doing this method in a disciplined manner we may be successful in forex trading.

Before learning more about Forex, we should first know the benchmarks needed to execute buy and sell on the trading platform.
The benchmarks that we can apply include the following:

Trading 0.0 Lot
Whatever your initial capital is entered when starting intraday forex trading, this rule should not be missed even though a 0.01 lot is very small. One of the rules that we should not miss is to open each position with a size of 0.01 lots only. Remember one thing here we are as beginner forex traders. So the deposit required is not too much and we also need to learn a lot of things before starting to spend even bigger capital.

Don't use too small a timeframe
Time of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or even 1 hour allows for intraday trading. Timeframes of 5 to 10 minutes are not suitable for beginners considering that these numbers do not show fast movements.

The ideal minimum capital is 200-500 dollars
The suitable capital for us to spend is 200-500 dollars. With a larger capital, there is a guarantee that you will get a bigger profit, but as a beginner, you should not spend a very large capital. Do not be tempted by platforms that offer cheap capital because logically, it is very unlikely that we will get profit with cheap or small capital. But if there is a platform that offers us capital for free, then don't miss this opportunity just for practice.

Following a certain trading system
No matter how small the rules are in the system, just do it because we really need a guide in making trades. It is not permissible to open trading positions at random or only on an approximate basis.

Don't trade too often
The more often we open positions, the more saturated we will become. Therefore, control yourself and do other more fun things when the target for your 3-5 trades has been achieved. Because in this case, one of the passions that we must control is to open positions continuously to pursue continuous profits.

Those are some tips and methods regarding the benchmarks in learning intraday forex trading. Hopefully, the points above can be useful for you, and good luck with Intraday Forex Trading.

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