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Rise Fall Trading Strategy 5 Ticks Duration - Binary.Com/Deriv

 Before we trade on Binary.Com/Deriv, there is some knowledge that you should know, be it tips and tricks, profit techniques, or strategies. One of the strategies that will be discussed in this article is "Rise Fall Trading Strategy 5 Ticks Duration - Binary.Com/Deriv". This strategy can of course be applied, at a volatility index of 10-100. platform platform

On the Binary.Com/Deriv platform, there are actually many opportunities that we can take advantage of for profit, and the strategies that can be applied are also varied. It depends on the suitability of the trader in trading, we should not use a strategy if the results are not suitable for us.

You need to know that no one can predict market movements, be it in the index or forex markets. However, by implementing a strategy at least we can be able to get a profit of at least 50% or you could say the loss must be below 50%.

For more details to get the profit, this is the Rise Fall Trading Strategy 5 Tik Duration - Binary.Com/Deriv that might be applied:

1. Monitor Market Chart Movement

The most important thing about trading on the Binary.Com/Deriv platform is how the market chart moves. As we know that the movement of the chart in the market is unstable and always up and down. What we have to do in implementing this rise fall binary trading strategy is to follow the direction of the trend.

The meaning of following the direction of the trend is to take advantage of market movements, Take the direction to follow when the market or prices move up or down. Based on observations, This movement is always happening. Like the price that went up 5 times and then decreased, and vice versa.

If we take advantage of market conditions like this, the strategy we use will work. Open a FALL or (DOWN) position after the price has increased 5 times (tick). Vice versa, we have to open a RISE (UP) position if the price drops 5 times (tick). And so on in taking direction following the rising and falling prices.

2. Apply the Martingale System

In the Deriv rise fall trading strategy, one of the techniques to get profit is to apply the martingale system. Of course, this system can bring greater profits to its users. This system has also been tested and at least can reap more profits. But even though we use this system, we must limit the limitations of losses and profits.

3. Do the Test

This test is carried out to measure the success rate of the rise fall strategy that we apply. To further clarify this test, let's take a quick example. Do the 5 to 10 times test. If 5 times the test, then at least the profit that must be obtained is 3 times. Likewise with testing for 10 times, then you have to get 6 times the profit.

Such is the Rise Fall Trading Strategy 5 Tick Duration - Binary.Com/Deriv that can be done to get profits on the trading platform at

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