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Touch/No Touch Accurate Trading Strategy - Platform

In the video you see, we only practice the strategies that we will share here. So We don't explain in detail what indicators should be used, and how to analyze them to make a purchase when there is one moment.

The following is a Touch/No Touch trading strategy with 5 Tick duration.

  • Choose Synthetic Indices 10
  • Select Touch/No Touch trade type
  • Use 5 ticks trade duration
  • Change Barrier offset to +0.100 (Net profit: 5.84 USD | Return 58%)
  • Stake (Adjust your capital)
  • Select the indicator (RSI period 10) for which the level has not been changed.

How to analyze to make a purchase (Touches)

In this strategy, we only focus on one purchase, namely "Touches". Because of the chance of winning
will be more open compared to "Does Not Touch" because we only get a return profit of 58.4% according to wit the offset barrier that we have set earlier.

We can also increase our return profit higher by changing the barrier offset. But it can be said
our chances of winning are less or difficult to reach because our profit returns will also increase. So I thought little by little the important thing is that we profit.

The first step for how to analyze it is by looking at the RSI 10 indicator that we installed earlier.
Because in this case we only focus on purchasing "Touches" only. So we are waiting for the RSI 10 indicator to touch the "Oversold" line. If the RSI indicator touches the "Oversold" line, we immediately make a purchase (Touches).

The thing that must be considered when using this strategy is when the RSI indicator touches the "Oversold" line. it would be better if we wait for the indicator to touch the "overbought" line first if we want to buy again.

An example like this: If you make a purchase because the RSI 10 indicator has touched the line "Oversold". Let's say your trade is profitable within 5 ticks purchase time duration, then you see
The RSI indicator was already above, but only reached the midline and dropped again down to touch the "Oversold" line. So it would be better if you didn't open a transaction first because the indicator didn't touch before the "overbought" line.

The point is to buy when the RSI 10 indicator has touched the "Oversold" line and wait for the transaction until it ends. Then wait for the RSI 10 indicator to touch the "overbought" line, then bounce or go down again to touch the "Oversold" line. There is the right moment for us to make a purchase (Touches). 

You need to know, that if in using this strategy you lose, do compensation a maximum of 5 times. If more than that's why you should stop trading on the same day, and come back again tomorrow or the next session that maybe you have already decided. Because no 100% strategy will no 100% strategy will always profit every time you make a transaction. So be wise in using any strategy.

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