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6 Best OTC Crypto Platforms - Florida

What Is Crypto OTC Trading?

What is meant by OTC Crypto trading is a trading platform that takes place outside of traditional exchanges. Or often called over-the-counter trading. The OTC trading platform is a method of trading cryptocurrencies directly with buyers or sellers without the need for a third party or custodian.

Since transactions are private between buyers and sellers and there is room for price negotiation, to date crypto trading platforms are OTC preferable to traditional exchanges. This Crypto OTC trading platform is mostly used by large-scale traders buying a large number of cryptocurrencies at once.

What is a Crypto OTC Trading Platform?

Crypto OTC trading platform is a platform where customers interested in buying or selling cryptocurrency assets can meet with multiple OTC trading desks.

6 Best Crypto OTC Platforms

1. Binance OTC 

Crypto Binance OTC

The Binance platform is one of the most popular cryptocurrency platforms in the world today. The Binance platform currently supports the trade of over 75 different tokens and cryptocurrencies. The minimum trade size on Binance OTC is $10,000, this allows even inexperienced retail traders to participate in Bitcoin trading on a large scale.

2. Kraken OTC 

Since its founding in 2011 in San Francisco, the Kraken platform has become one of the largest and leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world so far. The Kraken platform OTC service was officially launched in 2018. You can sell/buy Bitcoin in bulk huge because of the wide range of supported cryptocurrencies (more than 45) and unlimited services.

Kraken crypto

In addition, the Kraken platform also provides one-on-one OTC services starting from initial consultation to end users worldwide 24/7. In terms of security, you don't need to worry, because the Kraken platform implements a very high-security system. Also, the Kraken Platform has an easy-to-use interface, so this platform is perfect for novice traders who want to give it a try.

3. Coinbase Crypto OTC Trading Platform


Coinbase was founded in 2011 on this platform and is based in San Francisco, California. As of now, this platform includes the exchange of the most famous cryptocurrency in the world. Coinbase recently introduced Coinbase Prime, a subsidiary dedicated to managing assets cryptocurrency from corporate institutions.

4. CoinSpot  Crypto OTC Trading Platform


The platform can handle high-volume transactions for its members without relying on traditional general order books. Platforms CoinSpot OTC trading is an Australian Cryptocurrency exchange that launched an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk.

5. Statstreet Crypto OTC Trading Platform

Statstreet Crypto

This largest digital currency platform is headquartered in Toronto Canada. This digital currency trading platform has security standards and is registered as a money service business with FINTRAC, Canada's National Financial Transactions Agency (MSB). So in terms of security, You don't have to worry anymore on this one platform.

6. Bitfinex Crypto OTC Trading Platform

Bitfinex Crypto

Bitfinex Crypto Platform was founded in 2012, Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Hong Kong and registered in the British Virgin Islands. Users can make OTC trades with other Bitfinex clients directly or earn access to instant liquidity via the platform's OTC desk. Bitfinex OTC service allows clients to trade Bitcoin and crypto assets worth $100,000 or more personally.

Those are the 6 best Crypto OTC platforms that you might want to try. You can also use the best and most trusted crypto trading signals by CLICKING HERE.

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