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How Vfxalert Signals Work - Best Signals for Binary Options Trading

How to Use Vfxalert Signal

vfxAlert trading signals app is the best instrument for trading binary options as well as forex. In one window together with the platform, traders will find a wide range of analytical instruments: live binary signals, online charts, trend indicators, market news, and signal history. In addition, vfxAlert signals have an intuitive interface that is convenient for both novice and professional traders.

The Two Best Ways To Work With Vfxalert Signal

  1. create your own strategy using the signals provided by this app
  2. using an adaptive algorithm to confirm the signal according to the existing strategy.


To work with Vfxalert signals correctly, you need to understand their structure. The signal looks like the image below.



1. Trading assets. The trading asset where the vfxAlert signal appears.
2. Price. Charges when the signal has appeared
3. Time. Time since the signal appears
4. Expired. Recommended time of option expiration.
5. Algorithm. The algorithm is used for signal search.
6. Signal. Option Type – CALL (buy)/PUT (sell).
7. Strength. signal strength. Percentage of profitable trades based on current indicator data. Signal strength display data for the trading asset (indicator 1) for some time.
8. Heat Map. Heat map. The strength of the current trend or reversal. Defined by statistics and indicators for the current timeframe. Displays data for indicator 2 in a timeframe.


The following is the statistical data of successfully completed Vfxalert signals that you need to know. Strength of showing statistical data for the number 1 value of the current indicator with one timeframe.


The heat map shows data for the current 2 indicators on each timeframe. To calculate statistical data, Vfxalert uses signals complete from the database. Vfxalert can see how indicator values in different trading sessions affect the percentage of winning signals.

To make a decision, you have to analyze the signal strength and heat map. But this is very easy, you just need to analyze the closest period values corresponding to the expiry time of the signal. For 1 minute expiration time - value analysis on M1 M5 - is required, and M15 - is desirable. M30, H1, H4 - can be ignored. For an expiration time of 5 - analysis M5, M15, M30 - is required, M1, H1, H4 - can be ignored, and so on.

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