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Pocket Options - Binary Options Trading Strategy - Georgia

 Pocket Option Trading Strategy 5 Mins Duration Using RSI & EMA Indicator Signals

In this discussion, we will show you a trading strategy on the platform we discussed earlier, Pocket Option. The strategy that we will discuss is how you can make a profit within a 5 minute purchase period, from the results signal an indicator RSI and EMA. This is a complete strategy that you can implement in your trading plan.

The first step you have to take in using this strategy, of course, is to enter Pocket Option first. The trading strategy gives good results in high volatility markets especially Binary Option. But before you start trading, you should consider first when selecting assets, and set the chart timeframe for 1 minute.

Use two selected indicators in using this strategy, namely the RSI indicator and the EMA indicator. The Relative Strength Index will be used to identify the medium term, while the Exponential Moving Average indicator as a filter for the long-term trend.


For the RSI indicator leave the settings by default. Then for the EMA indicator change the period to 200. You can see on the chart above that our RSI has only one horizontal line at level 50. How do we do it? the method is quite simple. We set the Overbought level at 50. Then We went to the color settings and made the Oversold level transparent changing its opacity. This means that in this way We have the RSI Indicator with only one horizontal line which We want in this strategy.

RSI 14

This strategy will be used on a chart with a 1 minute candlestick period. You have to keep the open position i.e. for 5 minutes. This means that the price will go down or up within 5 minutes of the signal we receive. So set our trade expiry to 5 minutes for you on Pocket Option.

How to Receive 5-minute Pocket Option Signal For Buy Position

When you want to open a Buy position, there must first be an uptrend in the market. To make sure this happens, check where the candle develops concerning the 200 EMA line. You are looking for a situation where the price is above the EMA200. The next step is to check the RSI indicator. Remember, the line of the RSI indicator must move above the 50 value. Open a long trade immediately after the signal at the opening of the next candle. Hold the open position for 5 minutes.

How to Receive 5-minute Pocket Option Signal For Sell Position

The way to receive a 5-minute signal to open a short position is actually the opposite of the way we receive a signal to open a Buy position. There must be a downtrend in the market first. That's a very simple Pocket Option.strategy for a 5-minute purchase duration. Hopefully, this strategy can help you in doing market analysis on the pocket option platform. Remember no strategy will always be 100% correct when you make a trade. But without we do strategy or analysis, our trade will be more ruined. Most likely we will lose money.

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