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Kroll Stop Candle Indicator Strategy || Big Profits From Cryptocurrency Volatility

 How to Profit From Cryptocurrency Volatility

You need to know that all assets in the cryptocurrency market show high volatility in a day. This is a good way for you to make money from binary options. You need to use the right analytical tools such as the Chandel Kroll Stop indicator or cryptocurrency trading signals.

This article will share strategic information on the Kroll stop candle indicator. This strategy uses two technical indicators including: 
  1. Chandel Kroll Stop with period 14
  2. Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO) with a length of 21
After installing these two tools, the working window of the terminal looks like this:

Crypto trading signals:

OPTION UP. The price must break the second or only the upper limit of the Chande Kroll Stop from bottom to top. The Detrended Oscillator must be above the zero level.

Option DOWN. Opposite crypto signal - Price should move down through the channel or below the lower limit, Suspended below zero.

We can open a trade on the next candle after the signal-free binary options. Use an expiration time of no less than 15-20 minutes even though the working time frame is chosen 5 minutes. Experienced traders can try to open a trade on a Detrended reversal without waiting for the zero level breakdown.

Chandel Kroll Stop with a period of 14, is a group of trend indicators showing changes in volatility. The "classic" description considers the upper limit to be the maximum profit rate on a transaction, the lower limit being the loss rate.

Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO) of length 21. What you should know is that the main difference between this tool and most other oscillators is the ability to ignore the effects of long-term trends.

Recommendations on how to use:

  • Chandel Kroll Stop can be used on all crypto assets
  • The Detrended Price Oscillator cannot be used as the only option opening tool.
  • Bitcoin will be the basis of every crypto trading strategy
The Chandel Kroll Stop indicator can bring stable profits, the main thing is that the volatility of the asset is at least 30-50 points. Such values ​​are a common situation for Altcoins. The main thing is to choose reliable signals and follow strict money management!

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