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Simple Strategy, Big Profit - Binary Option Trading Strategy 2024

 In trading, we need to do technical analysis to get profitable. Because most of the best binary options platforms work on it. It uses additional tools such as indicators and signals that have stood the test of time and allow beginners to trade using simple strategies.

The strategy that we will share is very simple and simple because it only uses a few selected indicators and is accompanied by signals Vfxalert trading. The following are the characteristics of the strategy that we will discuss.

This strategy uses three technical indicators and Vfxalert trading signals.

1. Exponentials Moving Averages indicator with a period of 35. This trend indicator is used to determine the point of opening options. However, this strategy is not meant for trading during flat periods. I recommend only if the range is between at least 15-25 points.

2. RSI indicator with a period of 14 and an additional level of 70/30. The trend indicator must be confirmed by at least one oscillator indicating overbought, and confirmation of the Vfxalert signal. When buyers can no longer raise prices or are oversold where almost no one in the market is selling at a lower price. Do not use 60-second binary trades.

3. MACD indicator with settings (12, 26, 9).  This indicator works both as a trend and as an oscillator instrument, so it will be the last signal to open options.

After installing the indicator on the chart of our chosen binary options platform, we see an example of a signal as shown below:

Signals to make Higher/Lower purchases:

Higher: The price must be above the Moving Average or break from the bottom up. MACD is above zero level, and RSI is moving towards the overbought zone (level 70). Confirmed by Vfxalert signal within 1M should show upwards.

Lower: Real opposite binary options signal: Price must either break the Moving Average from top to bottom or move down. MACD is below zero, and RSI is reversing to the oversold zone (level 30). Confirmed by Vfxalert signal within 1M should be showing downwards.


Open a trade on the next candle after the signal-free binary options. The option expiration time should be no less than 15-20 minutes even though as the working time frame is chosen 5 minutes.

Recommendations about use:

  • Although We can trade all day, the most profitable results are in Europe (06:00 - 16:00 UTC) and the second half of the American session (from 16:00 UTC). Make sure the strategy works by using a binary options trading simulator.
  • Do not open options 30 minutes before news and 30 minutes after publication. During the publication of news and statistics fundamentals are very important. Use the economic calendar included in all licensed binary options brokers, to control events.
  • If the broker provides to close the option before expiration, we do so (even if it is profit) when the opposite best binary options signal appears - repeated inverse crosses of the Moving Average with rapid or relative changes in the direction of the MACD histogram.
That's a simple strategy that demonstrates the application of basic technical analysis tools both in manual versions and as binary options copy trading. You must remember the basic principle of any strategy – one tool cannot be an argument for opening a deal. We are always looking for additional confirmations including using Vfxalert signals.

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