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The Best Iq Option Trading Strategy - Exclusive OTC Trading Method - IQ Option log in

 IQ Option Strategy

Hello all traders, welcome back to our site. In this article, We will again provide you with trading information on the IQ Option method, which may be this strategy may be helpful and help you trade in the OTC market. In this exclusive OTC trading method, we have several optional indicators to install in the IQ Option platform window application.

The following is a selection of indicators used in the exclusive OTC trading method:

  • MA indicator
  • MACD Indicator
  • Woodies CCI Indicator

1. MA Indicator

Period: 95
Type: EMA
Color: Customize to your convenience when trading
Thickness: Adjust to your convenience when trading

MA indicator period 95

2. MACD indicator

Fast period: 12
Slow period: 26
Signal period: 9
MACD indicator period 12

3. Woodies CCI

CCI Turbo-period: 11
CCI - period: 14
Overbought: 100
Oversold: -100
Source: Close

IQ Option Signal


Pay attention to the MA line with the 95 periods that we have installed, as you can see in the picture above the indicator moves and crosses the red candle. Then after that, a red candle appears and continues to fall again. Accompanied by the MACD indicator crossing the yellow and blue lines from top to bottom. Then, supported by white and yellow lines, the Woodies CCI indicator is in a short position. You can pay attention to the three indicators and make a decision to open a position after all the indicators support. Use a candlestick chart with 1M period and 2M trading time.


The HIGHER signal is the opposite of the LOWER signal given by the three indicators. The 95 MA indicator should move and cross above the first blue candle after the advance, then wait for the confirmation of the second blue candle to make sure the price will continue rising. The MACDD indicator should cross from the bottom up, and the Woodies CCI indicator should show a long position.

That's the best IQ Options trading strategy that we can share in this article. What you should know is that this method is specifically for OTC trading. We recommend combining this strategy with a PRO and tested binary options trading signal application (whatever the signal is). If you want to try the PRO signal that we always use, you can see it first HERE.

IQ Option signal

Disclaimer: The signals or strategies provided are provided for informational purposes only and are in no way a guide to action. Site and program owners do not accept any responsibility for the use of the information provided on the website and in our programs, such as for any errors. The information on this site does not constitute a public offer.

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