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How To Signal Vfxalert For Beginners - Trend Strategy

Best Binary Options Trading Signals

Trading using binary options signals is the easiest way for a beginner to take a sell or buy decision, and make money trading. You need to know if, after several unprofitable signals in a row, the question arises - according to what strategy does the service work? No one can give 100% profitable signals, but at least you can significantly reduce losses by using the help of such tools.

Unfortunately, most binary options signal services work as a "black box" why does that happen?. Because the price of the new asset enters at the entrance, we get a recommendation to open a CALL or PUT option at the exit. How the decision was made is unknown. As usual, there are exceptions to the rules, one of which is the VfxAlert service, which publishes the main conditions of its strategy.

For more details on what indicators are used by the Vfxalert binary options signal service application, you can read HERE. In this article, only basic information about the types of binary options strategies is useful for traders who are just starting to study technical analysis and the candle market.

Trend Strategy

Broadly speaking, a trend is the movement of the price of a trading asset (currency pairs, stocks, futures contracts) over a certain period. There are three types of trends that you need to aim for including the following:
  1. Bullish Trend
  2. Bearish Trend
  3.  No trend (flat, side trend, and consolidation)

What does a Bullish trend mean?

A Bullish trend is a trend that indicates an increase in the price of an asset, in this section, it looks like a series of lows, each of which exceeds the previous one.

What does a Bearish trend mean?

A Bearish trend indicates a fall in the price of an asset, so this trend has the opposite meaning of the Bullish trend type.

What are a flat trend, sideways trend, and consolidation trend?

There is no trend or what is meant by a flat, sideways, and consolidation trend is a decommissioning of prices in a narrow or wide range of values.  Usually, on the chart, it looks like a series of highs and lows located at the same level.

Here We highly recommend that beginners are advised to start trading with trend strategies. The reason is that trend trading and the corresponding live trading signals are considered the most reliable and profitable for a novice trader.
uptrend image

 Downtrend image

Sideways trend images

Key Indicators To determine the Trend

Several indicator options can be used in animating a trend. But, the main technical indicator for determining the trend, both in paid binary signals and in free ones, is the Moving Average (MA) Indicator.  To confirm the continuation, end, and absence of a trend, several MA with different offsets and numbers of periods are used, as in the Alligator indicator. As an example from the picture above by looking at the chart, the price usually follows the trend in a certain range with a small pullback and the appearance of a new max/minute.
Binary options signals
If you draw a line of at least two lines in between, we get a resistance line and a support line that limits the range of price fluctuations. Most accurately, this can only be done manually, but now the best binary signal software does it quite accurately.

When the price pushes the support/resistance line, the strategy opens an option with expiration at the level of the opposite line, for more details (see the figure above). This way you can open several options before the trend ends and increase your profits. Then there is another option which is, opening one option with a long expiration in the direction of the main movement. This strategy is more suitable for manual trading and you do not need an automated strategy for binary options as we often show in the video.

An important note for users: although your trading is carried out through the best binary signal providers, it is advisable to look at the dynamics of changes in market volumes (even tick volumes). Because They often give directional signals.

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