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How to Choose a Strong/Good VfxAlert Signal Strength – Trading Signals for Binaries Options


VfxAlert signals
VfxAlert Signal
VfxAlert is a signal or tool for trading the best binary options we can use in our trading strategy. VfxAlert can work for all binary options brokers and can be accessed anywhere. The VfxAlert signal application can be accessed via computer and mobile phone. The VfxAlert binary options trading tool also provides signals for OTC market trading that apply to PRO account users.


Differences between FREE account types and PRO accounts for VfxAlert signals

The following are some of the differences between the FREE account types and the PRO account that you need to know:

Free account typesThe binary options trading signals app VfxAlert will only give you access to all the additional signs and statistics (power & heatmap) for 2 random assets. Remember!! There are only 2 assets alone, and these are given randomly.

PRO account types: The VfxAlert binary options trading signals app for PRO account types will provide the following additions:
  • Signal strength for all assets
  • Remove ads
  • You can add All Brokers to the list of vfxAlert app brokers
  • HeatMaps - automatic statistics of profitable signals depending on the current indicator values
  • Signal filter - a convenient tool for filtered signals
  • Signal subscription - You receive signals via email or SMS
  • Expanded statistics
To get a Pro account, go to the official website of VfxAlert and you have to register first.

Important: Signals are not recommendations for action. Signals are the result of market analysis on a particular algorithm, you have to understand how signals are formed, and how the current market tends to make the right decisions.

Signal Examples
GBPS/USD Signals

For signals with an expiration time of 1 minute, it is enough to estimate the heat map for 3 periods M1, M5, and M15. The heat map shows not very good results and the signal power is not good. But you need to be very accurate because the price movement for M1 is very weak, and the statistics are not very stable. Maybe I won't open a put position here. But if you make additional analysis you can do it.

AUD/USD Signals

This signal has good signal strength and a heat map. I would appreciate the value of the RSI indicator more if the motion vector is directed upwards, I will open a CALL position. This is a very good signal. In many cases, I will open a position without thinking.

GBP/USD Signals

This is a very good signal. In many cases, I will open a position without thinking.

USD/CAD Signals

This signal has a high signal strength, but the heat map does not show very good values. Perhaps the large signal strength values are caused by the random confluence of indicators. This signal is doubtful. It is beneficial to open a position if there are additional market factors. For example, in a strong uptrend market, in this case, you can open a CALL-position and increase the expiration time to 8-12 minutes.

USD/CAD Signals

This is an interesting signal. Signal strength and heat maps show very bad values The value of such signals is issued when the signal algorithm does not work on the current indicator values, most likely it means that the market is changing or has already changed its direction. considered to trade in the opposite direction.

DISCLAIMER: Both the methods and signals available in this article are informational only and are in no way an action guide. The owners of the sites and programs do not accept any responsibility for the use of the information provided on the website and in the programs that have been created, for any errors. The information on this site does not constitute a public offering. REMEMBER!!! TRADING IS FRAUGHT WITH RISKS.

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