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Reversal Scalping Strategy with OTC Signals at Pocket Option

 The reversal scalping strategy is a low-risk trading method that takes advantage of small price changes to gain quick profits. Traders like this strategy because of its potential to generate consistent profits.

How To Start Trading In The OTC Forex Pocket Option Market?

In this strategy, We will use a trading signals application for all binary options and Forex brokers i.e. Vfxalert. In the vfxAlert application, you select the broker Pocket Option and connect the account with your previously created E-mail/password.

To test this strategy We highly recommend trying it on a demo account using OTC Forex signals. This is one of the main prerequisites before installing a one-click trading strategy on a reversal on a real account.
Before you test this strategy, you need to know that the PocketOption broker offers two types of quotes for Forex currency pairs, including:
  1. Market
  2. Quotes Over The Counter.
The average profit on OTC options is higher, so will trade them. Volatility is high most of the time (especially on cross-pairs), which is good for scalping. So in this case all the fundamental indicators and technical strategies work. For OTC quotes and binary options signals, vfxAlert is available on weekends when the regular Forex market is closed.

Trend and reverse OTC signals for Forex regular Vfxalert

For regular Forex, vfxAlert signs offer trend and reversal trading signals for OTC. To understand it let's start with the trend, see the example below:

Forex and OTC quotes
As you can see from the picture above that the trend is determined by two standard technical indicators namely:

1. Commodity Channel Index Indicator. (CCI)
This indicator shows the speed at which the price moves or ends (trend dynamics). The market always tends to break through the last local minimum (level -100 on the indicator) or the maximum (+100). These levels can conditionally be considered overbought and oversold zones. The signal for the Pocket Option will be out of the indicator from the zone.

2. Moving Average
The second type of OTC signals is based on the classic combination of fast and slow Moving Average crossovers. This signal must be confirmed by an oscillator.

Now let's look at the vfxAlert reversal binary options signals, according to which there will be a trading session.
Signal opsi biner OTC

How to use classic indicators on trendlines?

1. Parabolic SAR.
The parabolic SAR indicator works on moving averages but shows the beginning of the reversal more accurately. Indicator points are below the price and pointing up - an uptrend. Higher and downward prices - downtrend.

2. Relative Strength Index. (RSI)
The basic arrangement opens according to the classics. A fall from overbought from level 70 will be a confirmation of a downtrend, and an upside from overbought from level 30 will be the beginning of an uptrend. Like other OTC for Pocket Option, we are always looking for additional confirmation of the strategy.

Vfxalert signal

Vfxalert signal filters and presets

The vfxAlert signal app offers filters for customizing the signal panel and presets for saving user settings. So for signal analysis for more convenient Pocket Options and accurate opening of options.

These signal filters can be based on the expiration time, the Power value (the higher it is, the more reliable the signal), and the type of signal (trend, reversal, adaptive). You can also choose which currency pair signals to display in the app.

Filter signal Vfxalert
Those settings you can save as presets for later use. To do this, after the settings, enter the name of the preset and click "Create". Presets appear on the panel with signals and are available in one click. You can create any number of preset OTC Signals for the Pocket Option.

How to Trade One click?

The main advantage factor of scalping trading strategies is to open transactions quickly. vfxAlert signals allow you to open options in one click. To do this, you need to set the expiration time and the number of options at the broker.

Then go to the signal and click "Open a position". Please note that options will be opened for the selected asset even if there are other currency pairs in the Pocket Option terminal.

DISCLAIMER: Both the methods and signals provided in this article are informational only and in no way an action guide. The owners of the sites and programs do not accept any responsibility for the use of the information provided on the websites and in the programs that have been created, for any error. The information on this site is not a public offering. REMEMBER!!! TRADING IS FULL OF RISK.

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