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Secret Tricks to Trade In Deriv/Binary For Consistent Profit



For several years I have been trading at a Deriv/Binary broker, and to this day I still run it. Regardless of that the gains and losses every time I make a transaction will definitely happen. That's why I What it does is try different trading strategies and tricks that are suitable for me. On this occasion, I will share tricks to trade on Deriv / Binary so that we profit every day.

Here are the Tricks to Trade-In Deriv/Binary For Consistent Profit

Practice on an account for the sake and treat it like a real account

Each platform is not a few who provide a demo account to do the lesson of the slaughter before doing
trade on a real account. This is a huge advantage that exercise accounts have compared to real accounts.
This fact is clear that we trade with our own money, then if we lose we will not lose.
Our own money, because this is my demo.


This is our reason to always try the strategies we have on a demo account. But treat the demo account.
like the original account, so that you when you start trading on the original account are used to it. And it won't involve risk. anything if you are trading on a demo account.

Avoid trading with a duration of 60 seconds

60 seconds trading is good for binary options, but I don't think we do it in Deriv/Binary.
Remember, this is just in my experience, and I'm not forcing you to do it in this regard. Investing in
60 seconds is certainly tempting for a trader.

But the problem is, 60 seconds is a very short time but can be It is also very long in the Deriv/binary platform. Because in this platform we can also trade with a time of 1 second.

In this case, at least we will experience anxiety and fear, and this emotion that can master our thoughts can be done. It can make us vulnerable. Getting a big profit in a specified time of 60 seconds even 1 or 5 seconds can make us Overconfident. The point is we will surely think that we have found an easy way to make a profit.

View trading history many times

Maximizing profits and minimizing losses are the main rules for every trader. See our trading history
It's a lot easier for us to get a chance. Let's check every day which transactions are profitable for us.
and loss transactions.

The Deriv /Binary platform provides a tool called "trading" in the menu we can see all the history
Transactions we've done before. From the conclusion of our trading history is, what strategies work best, and when We made the best investment.

Use a trading plan and follow it.

At the first start, I started trading, I never had any trading plan. At that time I just wanted to get 
I only profit from every trade, and never think about any risk. It turned out to be very wrong what I did,
I choose the market randomly.

I admit, what I didn't work. And in the end, I lost more than 70% of my money, then I started
Follow the steps of successful traders and investors and I find that they all have a good trading plan.
Very good and must be followed.

The first thing we have to do is determine the time we want to trade on a demo account to practice.
At that time I decided it was approximately almost 1 year of learning to improve my strategy and plan. It's not the time. which is brief, but this is so that we know which market and what time is good to trade so that I get a profit every day consistently.

I look at the history of trading transactions that I make repeatedly every day, and I always analyze every one of my trades. This is very important if we want to get good results in the future. Determine time, strategies, indicators, and time frames Which I used that dive.

That is an example of a very simple plan for us to make money in Deriv/Binary trading. But I suggest that you Make a plan that best suits your trade. Here there is no compulsion to follow it, most importantly you can follow the plan What do you want to use to make money in a trade? 

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