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Tricks And How to Identify Breakout Prices from Support &Resistance on Pocket Option Platforms


Support and resistance 

Support & Resistance - The concept of Support & Resistance is used to determine a price at a certain point. Support is the price is ensured at some point. While resistance is the lowest price or the opposite of support. In this case, identifying the support/resistance level is what must be done by the trader.

Identifying this is very possible for us to understand the price when it is approaching Support & Resistance. Therefore, It will be easier to know the right position to enter or exit our open position. If we look from some previous cases when the price has formed support or resistance and then will reverse direction.

How to identify the price that will break support or resistance on the pocket option platform?

In this case, I hope you already know what is called support and resistance level. As mentioned above
That support and resistance are prices that revolve around them, or the highest prices and lowest prices. That is, the price does not rise above or below the level in the ongoing period.


In a very simple way that uses candle charts, we must know first by using candle charts.
Identify the trend that is in effect. If the trend is strong, maybe we will see that the candle is formed larger. With two colored candles in sequence, it can also be more than two candles formed.

We will see that the price will move in a certain direction, but there is often a breakout of support or resistance levels. There is also another case, namely the occurrence of price consolidation right before reaching support or resistance. This means that the price is in a narrow price range. But most prices usually return to the range before breaking through.

Support & Resistance pocket option
Identify prices that will break the support /resistance pocket option

If you want to do this, open your pocket demo account first before doing it on a real account.
This is how you will learn how we identify support/resistance levels in the pocket option platform.

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