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Deriv/ Trading Strategies and Tutorials For Beginners

 Before proceeding to trade strategies and tutorials on derivatives/, it would be nice if we first knew what derv was?

What is Deriv?

Deriv is a platform launched and developed as a celebration and growth of, this broker is evolving for approximately 20 years. The deriv/ platform is more focused on the wants and needs of innovation and customers. In Deriv Platform offers traders the ability to trade forex, commodities, stocks, and synthetic indices.

Trading platform Deriv/

Basically, the deriv platform has 4 types of trading platforms that have been improved for a better trading experience, including. namely as follows:

  1. SmartTrader
  2. DTrader
  3. DBot
  4. DMT5


SmartTrader is a platform for digital options trading. The advantage of SmartTrader is that we can get more functions and some options to open a trade.


Like the picture above that, we can see the graph and do a graph analysis. What is even more interesting if we are a beginner in trading Here, there is a section with an explanation of "how to trade".


DTrader from deriv is a web platform with absolutely no download required. In this case, we can conclude that it is a robust, user-friendly platform. There are more than 50 assets in DTrader that can be traded by its users with a minimum purchase of $0.35.


DTrader has charting and has very good indicators. We adjust the data according to our preferences, there is a choice of duration which is very flexible and runs from 1 second to 365 days/1 year.


The platform also has automated bots that run and help trade for us. In this case, we do not do
coding itself, It is a strategy builder that has a web-based for digital trading options. Here we can build bot our own trading using drag-and-drop ‘blocks’.


We didn't have to spend anything to build this bot, and it has 3 pre-built strategies that have more than 50 assets to release our bot.


The platform is a multi-asset online platform designed to give new and experienced traders access to a wide variety of financial markets.


There are more than 70 assets with a maximum leverage of 1:1000 that we can apply to this platform, and these are all free.
in addition, this platform has developed technical indicators and can cater to all types of traders (both beginners and professionals).

Tutorial and simple way of trading DERIV

In the first step, we just need to choose a broker to trade with and then choose the market we want to trade with. In this case, Deriv offers us the ability to trade binaries covering Forex, commodities, stock indices, and synthetic indices. Next, select the trading time that we want to apply. After that, decide on the size of our trade. Next, choose an option, whether we will click "BUY" or "SELL". Check everything, and if it is correct and we are sure of our trade, go and confirm.

That's a simple step-by-step derive trading tutorial.

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