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Short Term Pocket Option Trading Strategy

 The Short Term Trading Strategy in the Pocket Option platform uses small market movements that we can see every time the market opens, In a short time frame, the market movement habits can be used to trade the short-term options that we are going to discuss. If we look at the chart in the 1 – 10 second timeframe, of course, we will see a fairly steady rise or fall on the chart. Of course, there is an overall trend in one direction, to one move larger than the other, but we still see the pattern movement up or down.

If we see a trend, make sure to only trade in the direction of the trend, if we can't detect a trend at all, we can trade both ways using binary options trading strategies for the short term. I suggest you practice first on a demo account to learn how this strategy works, and understand your trading risks first.

The following is a simple step-by-step in carrying out a short-term strategy at a pocket option broker.

  1. Select and add the Stochastic Oscillator indicator
  2. Use 35. Moving Average
  3. Wait until the Stochastic indicator is below 20 or above 80
  4. Enter the next (if below 20) or the next High (if above 80) by trading in the opposite direction.
When to open a "BUY" position?

Make sure we wait for the price to go down first and try to reach the lowest point before the price starts moving up again. One way to determine this point is to use the Stochastic Oscillator. Like the picture below that, I use the Stochastic indicator normally. We see the downtrend and the stochastic oscillator indicator below the main chart.

Stochastic Oscillator indicator
 Stochastic Oscillator indicator

Before taking any action we must first make sure the stochastic oscillator indicator is above 80 before we enter a "BUY" trade. A level above 80 means the market is overbought and will most likely start dropping again shortly.

First, make sure the stochastic oscillator indicator is below the bottom line, which means it's below 20 before we make a transaction. This means that the market is oversold, so the possibility that the price will start moving upwards again is very high, there we can buy for 1-3 minutes.

When to open a "CELL" position?

Make sure we wait for the price to rise and try to reach the highest price level before the price changes direction again. This means that this is the opposite moment when we are waiting to open a "BUY" position.

That's an easy and simple short-term pocket option strategy. But you need to know and remember that it is not a guaranteed trade or transaction we will profit from. because the market can change quickly, but if we trade low amounts of money, and have little capital, of course, we can use money management strategies.

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