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Best Pocket Option Strategy Using a Combination of Indicators

 In this article I will again share the best pocket option trading strategy, this strategy uses a combination of indicator options. In using this strategy we need 5 indicators to apply so that using this method the results will be more effective. 5 indicators may seem like a lot, but the main thing is that the results are accurate.

First, we need to set up the indicators accurately and for each one, it is important to find the right entry point. So, let's get started on how this indicator works which we are going to discuss. You must have a pocket option account first to test this strategy.

Here is the strategy:

Use a candle (Heikin Ashi) with a duration of one minute like the picture you see above. This method does not work on regular candles and only works on Heiken Ashi candles. The first indicator we have to apply is the Bollinger Bands indicator and the period uses 20 and two. You can adjust the color according to your convenience when trading.

bollinger bands indicators

Choose the Bollinger Bands indicator again, but with a different period of 20 and three. During this period the puncture is calculated for activity higher currency pairs. 

Next, apply the stochastic oscillator indicator, this indicator is the main signal in this method. For the period is 7,3, and 3 (SMA).

The next indicator is the CCI indicator, which uses period 22 because the activity of this indicator is relatively less sensitive. The last indicator that you should apply is the ADX indicator, use periods one and five. This indicator also gives strong signals in this method. If the five indicators have been successfully installed, please select the currency we want to trade. Minimum currency pair recommendation 80% profit.

The thing you should know is that in using this method firstly that the moment does not appear so often, so we must patiently wait for the right moment to use this method. Because there are many indicators in using this method, so each indicator requires good observations before entering a trade.

How to take advantage of the momentum of the ADX indicator.

Look at the ADX indicator before we start trading, the 4 lines of the indicator must be close together or crossed. This means that the indicator gives a signal that the trend will continue in another direction. That is how we take advantage of the momentum of the ADX indicator.

The next indicator we should look at is the CCI indicator, this indicator has a function to compare the current events of the pair currency with average events over a certain period.

Furthermore, the stochastic oscillator indicator, this indicator is a fairly popular technical indicator that is used to generate income strong buy or sell including the Bollinger bands indicator. The two indicators determine the high and low price ranges. The main thing is in using this method if you want to make a purchase, the thing we must observe is the ADX indicator.

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