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How To Deposit And Withdraw At

 How to make deposits and withdrawals at is certainly not a very difficult thing for traders to do. With a minimum of $ 5, we can already deposit our account funds on the platform.

How to deposit at

To make a deposit at first we go to the cashier menu and click deposit,
We can only deposit if our personal details are approved by the broker First verifying our account before making a deposit is very important. cashier menu cashier menu

We can deposit in different currencies. Also, cryptocurrency accounts are available with If you make a mistake by setting the currency, it is possible to change it afterward.

Deposit checklist:
  1. Make sure your personal details are confirmed by the broker
  2. Enter the cashier menu
  3. Click on deposit
  4. Select payment method for deposit

How to make a withdrawal at

In the cashier menu, you can choose ( withdraw ) to pay the money you earn. Note that We can set a security password different for the cashier menu. From my experience, at the broker, the withdrawal process is very fast. We will get an email from when it has been processed. Overall, deposits and withdrawals at work properly and are hassle-free.

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