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 In this article I will share a strategy on the platform, the strategy I will share is (Basic Formula for Locking Tick Prices) You need to know that you can use this strategy on all volatility indices, but in using this strategy we must be very careful about seeing the movement of the current price figure. I suggest if you want to use this strategy you have to really master it first.

According to my own experience, learning techniques alone is not enough to succeed in getting consistent profits in the world of Binary Options or Forex trading. There is the main and most important thing that we need to pay attention to be successful in the trading business, you must have good psychological qualities.

The following is the basic formula for locking tick prices

First, let's look at the price number between the "POINT" and the background color. For more details and what is meant by numbers and background colors, You can see this in the image below.

OP if there are THREE/TWO TICK moves in a row with a price jump of no more than 4 points. With a note of the same background color.

Example of how to open a LOWER position
  • Price 1234.77 – 1234.57 – 1234.37
  • Price 1234.77 – 1234.67 – 1234.47
  • Price 1234.77 – 1234.57 – 1234.47
Example of how to open a HIGHER position
  • Price 1234.37 – 1234.57 – 1234.67
  • Price 1234.37 – 1234.57 – 1234.77
You need to know that the price above is a simulation only. To apply it, you can follow the trend/reversal, then read carefully and understand the information below.

  1. If the loss can be compensated a maximum of 3-4X.
  2. Avoid short sideways market
  3. Look for a trending market for OP following the price is going up/down
  4. Look for a long sideways market for OP Reversal
Keep in mind that the method above is the basic way to lock prices on the Platform.

Things that are (MANDATORY) applied in trading on, forex, and so on:

  • Prepare the profit target first when trading
  • Profit target must be reasonable according to MM
  • STOP if you lose 3-4 times
  • STOP if the profit target has been reached
  • STOP if you are tired/tired
  • STOP if our condition is getting emotional
  • STOP if there is work to be done
  • Enjoy the trading flow
  • Avoid if there is wishful thinking if profit is for something.
  • Just trade for profit.

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