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Things You Must Know When Trading RISE/FALL Tick Duration on

Market Volatility Index 5 Tick Strategy (

Indeed, the RISE/FAL trading strategy with a duration of 5 ticks is quite promising on the platform, besides the process is fast and seems easy to make a quick profit. But you need to know, that this strategy is "Like a Double-edged Knives, in one" side can destroy us quickly. Because our trading time is only determined with a very short duration of 5 ticks.

But in addressing this, the most important thing is that in trading 5 ticks, we must know the character of the candle, and its movement as well as candle patterns that are our basis for making purchases.

You must understand the 3 characters of the candlestick, namely, STRONG, MIDDLE, AND LOW. The three candlestick characters are in the Bullish and Bearish candles. For the movement of the tick in time (1 minute) there are 30 ticks, meaning there are 30 price points that can be touched, and the other point is empty (Even though there is a Price, it can't be touched).

Therefore you should try to calculate the movement of the candle, on how many counts you should make a purchase. Of course, you have to make sure first at the SPOT finally, so the price will fall at the point we expect.

The following are candle characters in a market that you must understand and know.

1. Strong
That is, where a candle will move with considerable strength in determining the direction of the trend.
NOTES "If the trend is up, the candle will go up in a fairly fast count, if there is a reversal, it will only move a few points and then it will continue to rise again". And vice versa if the trend is going down.

This means that where the candle will move with not too much power, and usually, the movement of this candle pattern will zigzag, the same as the "sideways" pattern.
Usually, in this case, at the end of the closing price, the direction is always closed with a Reversal.

3. LOW
For this pattern, it seems to be in the form of "STRONG", because of the Starting Price.
NOTES "The movement that occurs is quite dominant in 1 direction, but will quickly make a reversal".

Those are the important things you should know when trading Rise/Fall with a duration of 5 ticks on Hopefully, these 3 points can help you in analyzing the market, and never trade if you don't want to take the risk. Remember trading Forex, Binary, and so on has risks.

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