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The Ultimate Secret of Binary Options Trading - Iq Option Log In

Best IQ Option Trading Strategy Using Fractal & Alligator Indicators 

Before we share the best IQ Options trading strategy using indicators, it would be nice if we first knew what
is it IQ Option?

iq option
IQ option

IQ Option is a trading application where you can trade on various instruments. Among others are
CFD on Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, and ETFs. IQ Options trading is (CFD) based. This means that by making transactions in the application, We will get results based on changes in the asset's price without owning it. IQ Option is a regulated binary options broker, which offers several trading instruments through its trading application.

In this article, we will share the best trading strategies for IQ Option, this strategy you might be able to use to become a winner and successful in trading in binary options. The indicators and settings that we have to choose in using These strategies include the following:


  • Choose the Fractal indicator
  • Period 6
  • Color "adjust to your convenience when trading"

Fractal Indicator


  • Select the Alligator indicator
  • Change the setting or period like this 13, 8, 9, 5, 6, 2

Alligator Indicator

If the two indicators have been installed with the settings that have been changed, don't forget to use the 1-minute "CANDLE" chart type. This means that every move in 1 candle has an expiration time of 1 minute.

Signal to make a "LOWER" purchase

Make a "LOWER" buy when the three lines of the alligator indicator intersect each other and go in a downward direction. Then it must be supported by The fractal indicator that appears from top to bottom.
Alligator Indicator Signal
Lower alligator & fractal indicator signal 

Signal to make a "HIGHER" purchase

Actually the indicator signal to buy "HIGHER" is the opposite of the signal to buy "LOWER". Make a purchase "HIGHER" when the three lines of the alligator indicator intersect and are heading upwards. Then it must be supported by fractal indicators that appear from the bottom up.

That's the IQ Option trading strategy that is very simple and easy to use, hopefully, this method can help you in trading on the Binary Options platform in particular. This strategy is a good entry point for any currency pair. In addition, this method is very effective but this method also has one exception. What you need to remember is, that you should not trade in volatile currencies.

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