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Best Channel Indicators For Bitcoin Trading – Cryptocurrency 2024

 You need to know that at a sideways grind of 30-40 points, channel indicators based on moving averages work well with confirmation from the trend strength oscillator. Important note: such an indicator shows only the strength of the trend, then its direction. There may be price differences, in this case,,,,,,, additional confirmation is required.

Strategy indicators for 5-minute trading

Indicator Bollinger Bands (BB)

the horizontal direction of the Bollinger Bands indicator line confirms the presence of a flat, the breakdown of the line will be a binary signal from its end. If the range is wide enough, you can open the option to roll back from the border. This method is recommended only for experienced traders. But there's no reason for you to learn it.

The narrower the Bollinger bands price channel, the higher the likelihood of strong movement after a flat settlement. The situation on the contrary it is necessary to trade on the border edge: the corridor must be at least 30-40 points, otherwise the option will be unprofitable.

Indicator CCI

A technical indicator that shows how far the price has deviated from its average range over the specified number of periods. If the price deviates more than the range (level +100/-100), we expect a trend reversal. This will be the first confirmation of  Bollinger Bands signals.

Bitcoin signals

Bitcoin Signals

UP-  The price should be above the lower border or the middle line of Bollinger bands, the CCI oscillator rises or above level 100.

PUT-  Reverse conditions: the price should be below the average or rebound from the upper border of the Bollinger. CCI of level 100.

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