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Non-standard indicators for Ethereum trading - Cryptocurrencies

Crypto signal strategy using two Non-standard indicators

You need to know that basic technical indicators work well in all cryptocurrency trades, including Ethereum. But you can increase the result using non-standard options. For that here We look at the chart from Trading View in the vfxAlert signal program.

MA Indicator

Apply two Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) with periods of 9 and 21. The intersection on the price chart indicates a change in the short-term trend. In this case, We do not recommend changing the basic parameters. Do not use 60-second binary trading.

SMI Ergodic Indicators

The puncture of the Oscillator is to confirm the SIGNAL MA Cross. The price smooths the "noise" of the market using the Momentum Index algorithm, which determines the strength of the trend. Not only that Stochastic confirms the occurrence of oversold/oversold and price reversals.

Crypto signals

Live crypto signals

UP- option. In the MA Cross, the cross from bottom to top, the SMI Oscillator is above the zero level.
PUT- option. Reverse conditions: oscillators below the zero level, crossovers from top to bottom at the MA Cross.

Tips For You:
Open a trade on the next candle after the best binary options signals. The expiration time of the option should be not less than 15-20 minutes although as the framework of the working time is chosen 5 minutes.

Important Notes
The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, especially in AltCoins. Prices can change in a day by 20-30%. But even in such conditions, technical analysis and the best binary options signals work

That is the non-standard Indicator for trading Ethereum "Cryptocurrency" that you can learn about in this article. Note: the articles are available for informational purposes only and are not at all guidelines for action. Site and program owners do not accept any responsibility for the use of the information provided on the website, such as for any errors. The information on this site does not constitute a public offering.

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