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Trading Strategies Based on Price Trends - Vfxalert Mobile Phone Version

 Pocket Option Strategy

Trading strategies with the trend is one of the most profitable methods of binary options. l it will make our profit good when rising and falling prices. For more details let's discuss how the simple Pocket Option strategy works and the mobile version of vfxAlert.

Pocket Option Best Method

Type: Trend

Timeframe: All in the M1-M5 range. But in our case, M1 is used, but with an increase in the analysis period, the accuracy of the signal increases.

Trading assets: Any currency pair. The main requirement is a fixed spread (2-3 points) and no hidden fees.

Trading time: All Forex trading sessions.

Recommended expiration: 5-10 minutes.

Technical indicators displayed:

  • Stochastic oscillator indicator
  • Bollinger Band indicator
The Stochastic oscillator indicator in this method serves to assess the current balance between buyers and sellers: predictors above the level 80 end of the uptrend (overbought), below the 20 ends of the decline (oversold).

While the Bollinger Band Indicator indicator in the method serves as a tool for reporting the direction and volatility of the current trend, and the movement of horizontal lines will show flat in this case, it is better to stay out of the market, especially if the price moves in a narrow channel. When the range increases dramatically, you can use signals of 10-15 minutes longer and increase the volume of transactions by 10-15%.

The following is an example of a signal, after which both indicators are installed on the Pocket Option chart:

CALL- The price should be above Bollinger or break from bottom to top. While the Stochastic indicator should be above level 80 or up.

PUT- Opposite condition: The price should be below the Bollinger line or break from top to bottom. And the Stochastic indicator should be below level 80 or down.

This signal is actually quite simple once, but you have to wait for the trend confirmation or price reversal from Stochastic. Especially when you using Pocket Option copy trading.

Recommendations on the use of trading strategies based on price trends

The "narrower" the Bollinger Bands price channel, the higher the likelihood of strong movement after the end of the flat. The opposite situation is necessary for trade on the border edge: the corridor should be at least 30-40 points; otherwise, the option will be unprofitable, even if the pocket  option signals 
pointing out the right direction.

The longer the sideways movement of Bollinger bands continues, the higher the probability of a strong trend after completion.  In the event of a case such as That is, you can open a trade at the first sign of the Stochastic reversal and strong signals of the vfxAlert and Pocket Option strategies. To open a signal
Vfxalert please click HERE or click the image below.

Vfxalert signals

During the publication of important fundamental news and statistics, we advise not to open options 30 minutes before the news and 30 minutes after Publications, cautious traders can close the current transaction.

The impossibility of a trading strategy based on price trends

The strategy is a conservative scalping system that is reliable enough for stable profits at the Pocket Option broker. Parameters of the trading instrument can be changed depending on the current volatility.
For that, We remind you once again that the most profitable signals for options binary will only be in the trend area, during flat periods we remain outside the market.

That is the trading strategy based on price trends that we can convey, this article is only for informational purposes and not at all an action guide. The owners of the site and programs do not accept any responsibility for the use of the information provided on this website. For example, for every error, the information on this site does not constitute a public offering.

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