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Safe and Profitable Forex Trading Strategy for Beginners

Many traders, especially beginners, immediately want to find a forex trading strategy that is guaranteed to make a profit. In fact, it is important to understand the basics first. There is no perfect strategy that always works, but with a good and disciplined trading plan, you can become a profitable trader.

Building a Forex Trading Strategy

A good trading strategy must be tested and supported by a mature trading plan. Discipline and consistency in carrying out these plans and strategies is very important. Profits are not always obtained, but the right strategy can help you avoid losses and minimize trading risks.

Profitable Strategy for Forex Trading

Here are some forex trading strategies that you can consider:
  • Strong Fundamental Analysis
Fundamental analysis looks at economic data to predict price movements. By following economic news that has an impact on the forex market, you can make the right buying/selling decisions. If economic data is better or worse than expected, the market will react fluctuatingly.
  • Round Prices (Round Numbers)
Round prices are considered important psychological levels because they often act as support and resistance. Traders often use it as an entry (entry level), exit (exit level), or stop loss point. This round price can influence orders and price changes.

Example of Round Price:

  • 0.50000
  • 1.0000
  • 1.50000
  • 100.000

Example of a Strategy Using Round Prices:

For example, the price moves through a psychological level upwards. This level could become new support. You can open a long (buy) position with a stop loss around the psychological level.


The strategy above is just an example, and there are many other forex trading strategies. Choose a strategy that suits your trading style and always backtest it before using it with real money. Discipline and good risk management are the keys to success in forex trading.

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